Rustic, old and Recycled - makes for beautiful, handmade timber work!

Working with recycled wood started unexpectedly one day when I was cleaning up and had some old, unused timber shelving that was going to be thrown away and burned. I'm not sure why, but maybe it was my 12yo daughters passion for the environment that got me thinking about anything else I could do with the timber instead of throwing it away.

That's how my first cookbook stand came about, and how my journey started. It all starts with finding the timber and then discovering how to give that piece of wood a second life. Usually the end result more useful and longer lasting than its old life as some packing wood or a shipping pallet.

The timber has unique characteristics that may include nail holes and other rustic features. And it's these imperfections that go towards making the final piece of furniture or decor just that bit more interesting and individual.

I was fortunate enough to be featured as one of Etsy's Inspiring Workspaces, here's the link to the article: