Best Groomsmen Gifts Australia

April 05, 2019

Best Groomsmen Gifts Australia

The Best Personalised Groomsmen Gifts Australia

We all know that when it comes to Wedding Gifts of any sort, there is always a lot of choice out there online.

As a guest to a wedding it's important to buy something that you hope the lucky couple will appreciate and use.

But when it comes to actually being the couple that are getting married, and need to buy gifts for your Wedding Party, it is crucial that they are unique and personalised.

That's why one of the Best Groomsmen Gifts available has to be a Beer Caddy.

Handmade Groomsmen Gift Beer Caddies

Each Beer Caddy can be personalised with the name of the Groomsman, plus the title, whether it be the Groomsman, Best Man or Groom.

Also included are the names of the married couple and the date of the wedding ceremony.

Each Beer Caddy is hand made in Australia from solid pine, and includes a Rustic Bottle Opener on one end.

These Groomsmen Gifts come in 2 colours - Dark Walnut or Teak.

Now the trick to make it the Best Groomsman Gift, is to add a 6 Pack of good quality beer. It can be a 6 pack of one brand, or even better a mixed pack of 6 fine quality ales.

But wait, there's more! It's Not Only a Beer Caddy

You may think that there is only a single use for these beer caddies, and you would be wrong.

These Groomsmen Gift Beer Caddies can actually do more than just be a fancy beer holder or carrier for your favourite beer.

Each Beer Caddy includes a divider inside that keeps the bottles apart, to save them from hitting against each other while being carried.

This divider is removable, and when it's removed, the Beer Caddy can be used for other purposes, and really just becomes a handy crate to hold different things for different occasions.

1. BBQ Caddy

One of the Best Groomsmen Gifts can be used to carry out and hold all your BBQ cooking utensils. Use the caddy to carry out your Tongs and Bar-B Mate. Your oil, seasonings and anything else you need to cook a great BBQ.

2. Table Caddy - Condiment Holder

Use the Caddy to carry out all your sauces or condiments. Or even use it to hold all the cutlery for your guests.

3. Small Tool Box

I know it's not big, but the caddy can be used to carry tools for small repairs around the home.

4. Magazine Caddy

Keep the beer caddy in the lounge room and use it to hold your latest magazines or books that you are currently reading.

A Great Gift for your Wedding Party

Best Groomsmen Gifts Australia are more than just gift packs for beer. They are unique, personalised, great quality and handy to keep around.

The Caddies are available in:

Or any quantity that you need, just get in touch and ask.

I have been making and selling these Groomsman Gifts for quite a while now on my Etsy store, and you can go there to check out all the positive 5 Star reviews and feedback.